Coaching from experience

Navigating Life

I have been navigating life as a free-willed entrepreneur for more than 20 years, founding and managing various businesses along the way.

In my communication and journalism bureau (9 years) I learned to elaborate my empathetic and communication skills to assist many clients to set their way-points and to get them there.

My Art school Estudio Nómada (11 years) offered students space to safely explore new land beyond their horizons. As a mentor I have been their compass in the pursuit and achievement of many creative projects.

In the meanwhile I patiently navigated a thriving artist residency (7 years) through the Barcelona art scene. Collaborating with and learning from a wide variety of humans from over 80 different countries.

In my current retreat center the ‘Soul Farm’ (since 2021) I realized my vision on life in a center for personal development, a sunny Spanish haven where guests are connecting to their true self and are free to feel alive.

With over 60,000 miles as a sea captain I am weathered to keep my calm in any storm and stay focused on the next safe harbor.

I went through my fair share of challenges, migrating from Holland to Spain by boat, having to close a business, steering my companies through the stormy waters of various economical crises, a divorce and the loss of my dear sister when I was 18 and my sweet baby son in 2015.

Every challenge fueled an immense transformational power to live.

Indestructible joy for life is the wind that drives my personal path. It is also the northern light put into service in my coaching sessions.

I invite you into a safe space where we explore together how to live a fulfilling life.

With Love for Life,  


Over the years I have been studying many things following my interests. My job and life experiences pointed me in the direction of various courses. These are the studies I did over the years

  • MA in literature and MA in communication
  • Tall ship captain
  • Jungian hypnotherapy
  • Coaching training
  • Family constellations
  • Pranic healing
  • Creative therapy
  • Guided meditation
  • Wine tasting and wine business management
  • Project management

Life interests

An important part of my coaching comes from my interests, that have been a very important ‘school of life’:

  • Reforming a ship, two art studios, and a retreat center
  • Professionally captaining various ships
  • Crossing the Atlantic on a boat
  • Moving to Spain from the Netherlands on my life-a-board yacht
  • Owning and acting in theater group ZevenLevens (SevenLives)
  • Organizing creative events in Barcelona, e.g. with Primavera Sound & Loop
  • Coaching a football team
  • Teaching conceptualization and writing to artists
  • Being a board member of a sports club in a different culture
  • Going to many therapies myself!
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