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Navigating Life

It can happen to anyone. An unexpected life event knocks you of your feet, you loose a dear one, you become a parent, you get into or out of a relationship, you loose your job…. or maybe you are just bored, switched on auto-pilot, lost your sense of direction. The feeling is that your life is not flowing the way you wish.

You find yourself in a very common and normal human situation; you need some help to get you going again. Please be aware that this moment in your existence is a chance that life has given you to grow and to transform into a more complete person.

It is normal that if you go through important changes in your life that your existing network of friends and family, your natural first line of support, just can’t seem to help you. That is understandable, as probably for them you are entering new ground as well.

This is when you can contact a coach, to look at things from a different perspective, to re-find your purpose and sense of direction, to formulate what is most important to you. I am here for you to pull your life afloat again.

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How and when do we meet?

You can contact me for various sessions. We can meet in person or online. Contact me or book directly in my calendar down below.

Open a conversation

If you are not sure what you are looking for yet or if you want to get to know me before you jump on, please feel free to book a 15 minute Free Assessment.

Book your next session

Individual session take between 60-75 minutes. For each client I design a tailor-made approach. Session can both be in person or online.

Retreats & Family Constellations

In ‘The Soul Farm’, my retreat center near Barcelona, I organize retreats with various themes for personal development. I love to collaborate with amazing specialists and coaches and put together inspiring getaways for body, soul and mind.

Find out when the next retreat takes place

Learn more about my Retreat center the Soul Farm

Some comments from clients

“Arnout is a happy-maker. sometimes challenging but always with a practical touch. I feel much better in my work and feel I can set and protect my boundaries much better. A very learn-some experience, he is my coach for possible upcoming issues.¨

“At first the sessions were little islands of peace in my stressful day to day life, with three kids and a busy job. Now I feel that these islands have grown to be the continent where I am always home, no matter what comes my way.”

¨Don´t hesitate. He is such a fresh and open minded person. I just completely relaxed into it and have learned so much since. The meditations and hypnotherapy are my favorite. It changed my life.”

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